Add Conditions for Rules

When you create a rule in the Campaign Center, you start by specifying when the rule will apply by choosing a trigger. You can drill down even more by adding conditions—based on date and time, days and hours, membership, purchase, and more.

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Condition Types
Create Conditions
Multiple Conditions


Condition Types

For all rules, you can specify the following types of conditions:

  • Membership – includes member details like member tag and point balance Learn more
  • Date and Time – on which date and time the trigger occurs Learn more
  • Days and Times – on which day of the week and times of day the trigger occurs Learn more

Based on the trigger you choose, different conditions are available.

  • Purchase – purchase details like total spend, items in the shopping cart, location, etc.
  • Benefit– which benefit, or price of a Point Shop gift
  • Punches – how many punches will be in the card after it's punched, and whether or not it was the last punch
  • Points – how many points the member received/used, and the new balance
  • Credit - how much credit the member received/used, and the new balance
  • Form – which form was filled out
  • Claim – which catalog item, benefit or tag was associated with the "Claim" button
  • Beacon Signal – identifiers for the beacon and what type of event occurred
  • Payment – payment amount, payment flow for in-app credit card, and item code specified for the payment button
  • Tag - which tag the member received or was removed
  • External Event – related to external events submitted
  • Updated Membership Details - which member details were updated and from/to which values


Create Conditions

You can create a condition by choosing a field, operator and value. For example:


Different operators are available for different types of fields. In cases where you can specify multiple values for a field, press Enter after each value:



Multiple Conditions

If you add multiple conditions, then ALL the conditions must be satisfied for the action to occur. 

Example 1: Member spends over $100 at specific locations


Example 2:
Member is both a student and a VIP




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