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Create and manage all your campaigns from your Campaign Center—including automated rules, discounts and rewards, and one-time actions on member segments. Your Campaign Center is available from the megaphone.jpg tab in your Como Hub.

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Campaign Overview
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Create Campaigns

Campaign Overview

Organize your business activities into different campaigns as you see fit. Here are only some examples of campaigns:

  • Joining Campaign—for activities related to new members that join like joining gift
  • Basic Program Rewards—basic loyalty scheme like punch card rules, point accumulation, & general benefits
  • Holiday Promotions—special offers and deals for a specific holiday
  • July Offers—special seasonal benefits
  • VIP Specials—special deals for a specific member segment
  • Win-Back Campaigns—promotions targeting members who haven't visited in a while
  • New Summer Collection 2018—promote new products

Activity Types

There are different types of activities you can add to each campaign and there's no limit for how many you can add.

Activity Type Description Example
Rule Automated rules to perform actions when a specific trigger occurs When a member makes a purchase in July and spends over $100, give them a gift with a coupon for their next visit, along with a push
Deal Discounts which are automatically applied to the purchase during POS checkout if the terms apply 10% off the purchase; 3 shirts for $10; buy 1 get 1 on cocktails; for each $100 you spend, get $20 off, and more
One-Time One-time actions performed on a member segment you create from your Data Explorer or directly from the Campaign Center Send a coupon for a new soft drink to all members who purchased soda in the last month 
Punch Cards Reward members for repeat purchases Buy 8 coffees, get the 9th for free

Create Campaigns

You can create campaigns directly from scratch, or you can use the Goal Wizard to choose a recommended campaign based on your business goals, which will be automatically created for you with one click.

To create a new campaign from scratch:

  1. From the main page of the Campaign Center tab, click + Campaign.


  2. Enter a name for your campaign.


  3. Click + Activity to start adding activities to your campaign.


    For more on the different activites:

    Create Rules
    Create Deals
    Create One-Time Actions
    Create Punch Cards for Campaigns 



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