Create Deals for Campaigns

From the Campaign Center, create deals to automatically discount a member's purchase during checkout at the POS when terms apply. Unlike gifts, deals are automatically applied without the member having to request it and they can be re-used. For example, give members:

  • 10% off their purchase
  • BOGO deal on cocktails during happy hour
  • 3 shirts for $20 for students, in July
  • $10 off their purchase for every $80 they spend
  • Kids meal for $1 when they buy 2 main courses

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Create Basic Deals
Create Advanced Deals

View Deal Analysis

Create Basic Deals

To create a basic deal:

  1. From your campaign, click + Activity and then Deal.


  2. Select a template from the template library, or select to start from scratch.


  3. Enter a name for your deal and optionally, add a description.

    Note: You cannot have more than one deal with the same name.


  4. Optional: Add deal terms (conditions for when they will apply).

    For example, specify member segments, dates, days, times, or other conditions based on their purchase (like location, minimum spend, etc.). If you want the deal to apply each time specific items or quantities appear in the purchase, configure this in the discount itself instead of in the terms.


  5. Specify the discount of the deal.

    Discount Options Description
    On entire purchase Give a fixed amount off or percent off the entire purchase. You can also exclude certain items from the discount and limit the total discount amount of a percent discount.

    Note: If the discount is configured on the POS itself using item codes or deal codes, you can specify this discount here.
    On specific items (or free item) Give a discount on specific items: amount off, percent off, special price or free item.

    By default, the discount will apply to every item. For example, if you give $2 off coffee, they will receive $2 off each coffee in the purchase. However, you can limit the number of times the discount is applied within each purchase, and limit the total discount amount.
    Buy/Spend X, Get Y

    Give advanced discounts on a combination of items or spend: amount off, percent off, special price or free item. Learn more

    Unlike the 2nd option, here you can create discounts that apply:

    • to a group of items together (such as a new price for a bundle of items), or
    • each time that a specific quantity or spend appears in the purchase (like BOGO)


  6. To activate your deal, click Activate.

    Note: You also have the option to save it as a draft if you're not ready to activate it. You can also save it as a template to reuse again later.


Create Advanced Deals

You can create advanced deals by adding cases, or advanced discounts (Buy/Spend X, Get Y).

You can split your deal to several cases to give different discounts in different scenarios. For example, you can give different discounts for different business locations, different days of the week, times of day, or member segments (such as student or VIP). Learn more about cases




View Deal Analysis

View KPIs of deals to measure their success—such as how many times a deal was applied and for how many distinct members.





  • For POS’s that implemented API version 2.8 and earlier, these KPIs are estimates. A deal is counted as applied if it’s calculated for a member (GetMemberBenefits API call), and then a purchase is submitted for the same member (SubmitPurchase API call).
  • KPIs don't include when existing deals were applied before the feature was released (before Nov. 19, 2018)




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