Manage Campaigns & Activities

From the Campaign Center, manage all your campaigns from one placeincluding automated rules, discounts and rewards, and one-time actions on member segments. Your Campaign Center is available from the megaphone.jpg tab in your Como Hub. Learn about creating campaigns

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Manage Activities
Manage Campaigns
Filter & Sort Campaigns

Manage Activities

From the home page of your Campaign Center, view key details of each activity including the status.


Status Description
Active Activity is within the validity periodthe rule and deal will apply if the conditions are met
Future Activity start date is in the future
Completed Activity end date has passed (or the one-time action was initiated)
Stopped Activity was manually stopped (such as before the end date)
Draft Activity was saved as a draft and has not yet been activated

From the activity page, you can change the start and end date. From the home page, you can:

  • Add a new activity to a campaign
  • View activity details: when and which users created it, first activated it, and last modified it
  • Move activities to different campaigns
  • Stop a campaign that was activated


Manage Campaigns

From the home page, you can rename your campaigns and archive/unarchive campaigns.


Note: You cannot archive a campaign with Active or Future activities. You'll need to Stop the activities first. If you unarchive a campaign, all the activities will be automatically re-activated.


Filter & Sort Campaigns

From the home page, filter which campaigns and activities are displayed according to the activity type and status, you can view only one activity or only one status. By default, all archived campaigns and completed activities are hidden. You can also sort your campaign according to creation date.




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