Create Repeated Actions in Rules

When you create a purchase-based rule in the Campaign Center, you can perform an action multiple times for the same purchase according to the quantity or spend of items in their cart. For example, give members a punch in their punch card every time an eligible item appears in their purchase, or give members a coupon for their next purchase for each $50 they spend.

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How It Works

How It Works

Actions that can repeat for the same purchase are configured in Repeat Mode (except for point accumulation, which is configured in Simple Mode).


In the example above, the member will get a free coffee mug for each $100 they spend. So if they spend $250 in one purchase, they will get 2 mugs. In general, every time A appears in the purchase, B will occur.

Note: Certain actions, like sending a push, will only occur once even if they are configured in Repeat Mode.


Here are some examples:

Example 1: Get a punch in the punch card for each coffee


Example 2: For each 5 items you buy from cosmetics, get 2 free mugs.


Example 3: For each $100 you spend on cosmetics, get a free mug.


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