Add Conditions Based on Purchase

When you create deals or purchase-based rules in the Campaign Center, you can specific conditions based on the purchase. 



Purchase Fields


Field Description
Shopping cart Quantity of items contained in the shopping cart
Total spend Total amount spent on the purchase
Spend on specific items Total amount spent on specific items in the purchase
Location ID Identifier of the location (branch) where the purchase occurred
POS ID Identifier of the POS "terminal" where the purchase occurred
Purchase tags Tags sent by the POS for a purchase (depends on what the POS sends)
No. identified members Number of members that identified on this purchase
Order type Type of transaction such as take away, dine in, or delivery (depends on what the POS sends)
Purchase source type Origin of the transaction such as POS, Website, or App (depends on what the POS sends)
Purchase source name Integrator name (such as POS name)


Condition Examples

Example 1: Member buys at least 1 coke


Example 2: Member spends at least $100


Example 3: Member spends at least $50 on appliances


Example 4: Member purchases at a specific location




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