Apply Activity to Specific Items

When you create a rule, gift or deal in the Campaign Center, you can choose to apply it to specific items or saved groups of items. For example, you can specify items for purchase conditions, discount configurations, or repeated actions in a purchase-based rule.

Article Topics:

Item Codes or Department Codes
Saved Groups
Advanced Criteria

Item Codes or Department Codes

You can specify items by entering the item codes or department codes directly, or pasting them from Excel.


Saved Groups

You can select from a list of saved item groups.


When you specify items using item codes, department codes, or advanced criteria, you can save the items as a group to reuse later by clicking Save as a group. You can later edit or delete an item group from the icons that appear when you hover over a group in the list.

Note: If you edit or delete an item group, it will effect all the activities that use this group.


Advanced Criteria

You can specify items using advanced criteria based on the item code, item name, item tag, item price, department code, or department name. If you add multiple conditions, you can choose if the items in the group need to satisfy all the conditions, or any (i.e., only at least one) condition.

Note: When adding values (except for price), make sure to press Enter after each value.

Example 1: Items from a specific department except for certain items (such as all appliances except ovens)


Example 2: Items from a specific department plus some items from another department (such as electronics and shampoo)


Example 3: Items from a specific department, over a certain price (such as exclude free items).




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