Create Punch Card Rules

From your Campaign Center, create rules to manage punch cards—including sending punch cards when members join the program or punching their card after they buy specific items.

If your program uses punch cards, you need to create rules to do the following:


Send Punch Cards

You can create a rule to send members their first punch card when they join the program. You can also add an action to send them a push to welcome them and tell them about their new punch card.


Punch Punch Cards

You can create a rule to punch a member's punch card each time they purchase a particular item.

To give members a punch each time they buy the item (ex: if they buy 2 coffees, they get 2 punches), create the action in Repeat Mode. The item that is eligible for punches is specified in the action itself (no conditions are required on top). If needed, you can also add a limit for the max number of punches they can get in a single purchase.



Note: If you want to give a fixed number of punches for each purchase that includes an eligible item (ex: they get 1 punch no matter how many coffees they buy), create the action in Simple Mode and specify the eligible items in the conditions on top (ex: Shopping cart contains at least 1 from coffee items).


Renew Punch Cards

You can create a rule to send members a new punch card once they punch all the slots in their card (using a Last punch? condition):



Send Overflow Punches

For cases when a member is entitled to more punches than the number of punches left in their punch card, you need to create a rule to provide members with the "overflow" punches. For example, if they're supposed to get two punches for a transaction but only have one punch left in their punch card, the punch overflow rule will give them the second punch.

Note: Make sure to specify which punch card in the condition. By default, the action is also delayed by 1 minute to ensure the member first receives their new punch card before they receive the overflow punches.











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