Release Notes - June 2018

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Highlights - Generally Available

  • New Campaign Center
    Your new Campaign Center allows you to build and manage all your business activites in one place—including automated rules, discounts and rewards, and more. Learn more

  • Customer Portal

    Members can access their loyalty account directly from your website—anytime they want. The customer portal lets your customers register to the program, log in to their account, view their benefits and purchase history, update their details, and even buy gifts from your Point Shop. Learn more

  • Add Registration Forms to Websites
    Como iFrames (like the registration form) were enhanced so they can be more easily integrated into external platforms like ordering sites. For example, the registration form can be prepopulated with certain fields the customer already filled out, and the external platform receives an indication when registration is done, along with an identifier to automatically identify the member.

  • Dynamic Reports Enhancements

    Dynamic Reports, created from your Data Explorer, were enhanced with new report types (punch cards and points/credit), new filters, new breakdowns, new measures, bookmarks, perform actions and the Member Filter. 

  • Default Business Plans

    Business plans are used to hide features from the Como Hub that a specific business cannot use—such as features that are in pilot, aren’t supported by their POS, or will no longer be supported. Each new business which is created in the Como Hub will now receive certain business plans by default.

  • Reduce & Simulate SMS Costs

    Businesses may be charged more than once for each SMS message they send according to the number and type of characters it contains (such as Hebrew or emojis). To help businesses estimate the costs of specific SMS messages and reduce them, SMS sent via Nexmo/Plivo with less than 160 basic characters now count as 1 message and an SMS simulator was added to the Hub.

  • Enhanced Log for Coupon Codes

    From a member’s profile in the Hub, you can view a log for when they entered a coupon code in the app. This log now shows the coupon code they entered, and whether or not the code was successful.

  • Find Members with In-App Credit Cards

    When members add their credit card info to perform a mobile payment, they can choose to save the card to their app wallet. From a member’s profile, you can now view when they saved or removed a credit card from their app wallet. You can also search for members that currently have a credit card saved in their app wallet to encourage them to increase their usage of mobile payments.

  • Limit for Consent SMS/Email

    When members register without consenting to the program terms (such as at the POS), they can automatically receive a dedicated consent SMS or email to give their consent each time they try to identify on a purchase. Each member can now only receive this SMS or email once per calendar day.

  • Extended Gift/Punch Card Validity Period

    You can allow members to only redeem a gift or punch card within a certain time period from when they received it (such as starting the next day or up to 1 week later). For periods of more than 24 hours, this period was extended to the start/end of the calendar day to avoid customer dissatisfaction. For example, if a gift is valid for 1 week which comes out on Monday at 09:00, it will be extended to Monday at 23:59 (end of day).

  • Improved Franchisee Filters

    You can give specific Hub users access to data of only certain locations from Filter Members—such as allow store managers to only view members related to their store. These Hub users can now only find or filter members who selected their location as their “Home Branch” and can also search based on multiple locations (as long as they have access to them). In other words, if a member made a purchase in their location but didn’t select their location as their “Home Branch”, the Hub user cannot search for them.

  • Business Wallet Settings

    You can specify which wallets will be used for the loyalty program—points, credit, or both. If the business selects to use only one wallet, all configurations related to the second wallet will be hidden in the Campaign Center to provide a simpler UI.

  • Deprecated Feature: Facebook Shares

    Facebook no longer allows external platforms to share content to Facebook on behalf of a user without allowing the user to edit the content before sharing. As a result, you can no longer add a button in the app that automatically shares predefined content on Facebook, such as sharing an item from their catalog. However, the capability to share text on different platforms is still supported.

  • Deprecated Features for All Businesses

    Certain features are no longer available for all businesses, as part of a process to clean up and consolidate features which are no longer relevant. This includes features which aren’t relevant for businesses with a POS integration and features which already have a better alternative. See release notes for specific features

  • Deprecated Features for New Businesses

    Certain features are no longer available for new businesses, as part of a process to clean up and consolidate features which will be replaced. See release notes for specific features


Highlights - Pilot* 

*Note: These features are only currently available for selected businesses participating in the pilot program.


  • Point Reconciliation Report
    On demand, businesses can receive a report to reconcile point usage between locations. For example, members can accumulate points for their purchase in one location and then use them in a different location as payment. For a given month, this report breaks down all the points that were used that month according to the location they were used, and the location they were received.

  • Auto Customer Segmentation
    Using tags, customers are automatically segmented—such as by purchase history and preferences. The following new tags are available: Days Since Last Visit, Preferred Location and 2nd Preferred Location. Learn more

  • App UX Improvements

    We’ve started the process of improving the appearance and usability of Como-powered apps—by migrating them to a new technology and redesigning the app flows and screens to provide a better user experience. In this phase, a new iOS version is available as a pilot to selected businesses which contains enhanced location and catalog screens.

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