Login Using the Customer Portal

Members can access their loyalty account directly from the business website—anytime they want. The customer portal lets customers register to the program, log in to their account, view their benefits and purchase history, update their details, and even buy gifts from the Point Shop. This allows businesses to launch their loyalty program before their app is ready and allows members to access their account without an app.

Note: Paid registration is not supported through the Customer Portal.



The following is required to set up your customer portal.

STEP 1: Specify Features

You'll need to decide which features to include in your portal and tell your Como account manager:

  • If to allow registration via the portal
  • Which rewards to display from the following:
    • Point shop
    • Punch cards
    • Credit or points (one or both)
  • If to display the My Activity screen which includes purchase history and point transactions
  • If to give the option to log in via plastic cards/membership number (only for migrating programs)

For Como Account Managers: Give this info to the integration team, with the business name, Location ID and API Key.

STEP 2: Colors, Images & Text

All colors and logos are automatically taken from the colors specified for your app (via the Como Hub)—ensuring that your customer portal is branded to the colors of your business.

Images for your benefits are also taken from the Como Hub (chosen when the benefit is created). For the best user experience, the following sizes are recommended:

Benefit Type Width Height
Gift 460 px 290 px
Punch Card 500 px 484 px
Point Shop Item 477 px 557 px

All text that appears in the customer portal can be customized in the usual way. However, note that some of the text that appears in the customer portal also appears in the app (so changes you make may affect both). See Customize App Text


STEP 3: Business Website

The business must add a link to the customer portal to their website. Contact Como for this link.


NOTE: For clubs that previously required membership cards before migrating to Como, additional steps may be required. Learn More.


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