Comillia AI Campaigns

Comillia AI Campaign is an automatic campaign based on a self-learning algorithm and enables you to maximize your revenue. The model optimizes recommendations based on past user behavior, so that the more you use it, the more accurate your results. Using machine learning and AI you can access and apply all the customer information available to you, together with their behavior trends, to create meaningful campaigns.


How it works:

  1. Select a gift that will be sent automatically to specific members, along with a communication message (SMS/ push/email).

 Note: the gift must be valuable, for example, 30% off entire ticket or 1+1 on a valuable item, and should be configured as redeemable for 1 week from the moment the member received it.

  1. Using a set of behind-the-scenes tools, the system classifies members based on their historical behavior, in a way that strive to generate positive ROI of the campaign, while avoiding subsidizing visits for members that would have come anyway.
  2. Every member is targeted only once per 90 days (meaning, once a member is selected by the model to be part of the campaign population, this member won’t be selected again for at least 90 days).


Results and KPIs

The following KPIs are available for the campaign:



Revenue KPIs indicate the added value achieved by the campaign over similar members that didn’t participate in the campaign (control group).


Comillia hint

When you attempt to interact with your members, Comillia will avoid from interacting with members who have already received marketing messages from your business lately. 


“Comillia AI” – a theme in Como product for AI and machine learning algorithms, that enable your businesses to grow. It’s not about Data. It’s what you do with it that counts.

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