Create Friend Referral Campaigns

Turn your customers into your best advocates using a friend referral campaign. Boost registration by encouraging members to invite their friends to join the program and offering them a special reward for each friend that joins—such as bonus points or a special coupon.

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How It Works
App Setup
Reward Setup


How It Works

STEP 1: Invitation

The member taps an invite button from a dedicated app screen, and then selects which platform to use (such as email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and which friends to invite.

Note: The message text is autofilled but the member can edit it. The default text can also be changed by the business.

invite_screen_2.jpg  share_screen.jpg  message.png

STEP 2: Registration

The friend opens the link from the invite message and then registers using the invite code (via web form or after downloading the app).


STEP 3: Rewards

The advocate and their friend receive a reward!  


App Setup

STEP 1:  Invite Screen

From Content > Layout, create a layout block that opens the Invite Friends screen and add it to a tile in your app:

  • icon: icon_friendReferral
  • button action: Open App Screen > Invite Friends
  • Restrict access only to members?: Yes


STEP 2: Custom Icons (Optional)

From Content > Branding > Custom Icons, you can customize the icon that appears on the invite screen (by changing the image of Invite Friends).


STEP 3: Custom Texts (Optional)

From Settings > Override App Text, you can customize any text that appears on:

  • app invite screen
  • autofill invite message
  • landing page

For example, change the default text for the invite screen from "Get a benefit" to "Get bonus points" if you'd like to specify which reward the member will get if a friend they invited joins the program.



STEP 4: Registration Form

From Operation > Registration > Registration Form, add the Invite Code field to your registration form.


  • This field should not be a required field to allow all members to register.
  • This field is not available for the update form (so if the friend doesn't enter it when they register, they can't go back and add it later).
  • This field is not available for registration via import or the registration API.
  • The invite code is case sensitive.



Reward Setup

From the Campaign Center, create rules to reward the advocate and the friend that joins.

Reward for Advocates

To reward the advocate, create a rule based on when a member invites a friend who joins.



Reward for Invited Friends

To give members who join with an invite code an extra reward than other members who join, create a rule based on when a member joins with an invite code. If the program also has another joining gift, this member will receive this reward in addition to the regular joining gift. 

Note: This rule applies when an invited friend joins the program, and not when they are invited.



To give members who join with an invite code a different joining gift than other members, create a rule based on when a member joins the program with cases: one case for members who used an invite code and one case for members who didn't use an invite code.




You can view the following data related to your friend referral campaign.

Advocate Profile

From the Hub profile of the advocate, you can view their personal invite code (the code they send to friends that they invite).


In their logs, you can also view the following:

  • when they invited a friend for the first time (and their personal invite code was created)
  • when their invite code was used by a friend to register, and the membership key of the friend

Friend Profile

When a member joins the program using an invite code, the log in their Hub profile indicates which invite code they used and the membership key of the "advocate" (the member who invited them).

Filter Members

From Filter Members, you can search for all members that joined using an invite code, and even for members that joined with a specific invite code (for example, for find all the members who joined with the code of a specific advocate).

Note: You can filter by multiple invite codes.


You can also search for all members that successfully referred their friends by searching for members who invited a friend who joined the program, and even filter according to the number of times it occurred (such as find members who has more than 5 of their friends join the program).




 You can view friend referral and their purchase measures with breakdown to joining time, purchase details and member details (referring and joined members).





To use this feature, the following is required:

  • download app link should be added by the submission team (Settings > App Settings)

Note: For programs with paid membership, the landing page doesn't allow registration via web form (only after downloading the app since it supports the membership payment flows).

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