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Search members

Member details and strength

Tags, Noted and Preferences

Member's benefits

Member's Activities

Actions on member



The new member profile screen gathers all the information about one member in one view: details,
rewards, ability to perform actions and review member’s history and purchases.



Search Members

You can now search for a specific member by any unique identifier (example: phone number, email, name, membership key) depends on the business identification methods.
This capability does not allow a search of multiple members. 
In order to keep the search option quick and simple, the results are limit to 50 members. In case you wish to segment members use the Filter Members capability.  

Note: When searching, results will contain members who are an exact match as well as members that contain your search string. This includes Name, Last Name, Email, and any other unique identifier.

Search: Ann


Member Details and Strength

This box includes high level details about the member as described below:



First and last name

If the member name is not updated, the member’s unique identifier will be


Joining date/

membership age

If a member was imported to Como, the import date will be considered

as joining date

Copy membership key

By very easy click the membership key will be saved to your clipboard so you

can paste it anywhere you find relevant.

Member strength

• Lifetime spent in the business (in the business currency)

• Lifetime # of visits

• Wallet 1 (points) – will be displayed if the business is using the wallet

as defined in the business settings

• Wallet 2 (credit) - will be displayed if the business is using the wallet

as defined in the business settings


Refresh Screen
This button hints the hub user with a blue balloon if the member profile screen needs to be refreshed,
meaning it is not up to date.



Registration Details
This box gives you a review of the top 4 details of the member from the business registration form.
The view can be different for 2 members at the same business, as it doesn’t display empty fields.
You can watch the full view of the registration form and edit it (for available fields) via the ‘EDIT’ button.




Tags, Notes and Preferences

This box allows you to explore additional information about a member. You can easily navigate
between the tabs.

Now, it is very easy to tag/ untag members. Just type the new tag and click Enter. You can also untag
by click on the ‘X’ near the tag. Tags will be the default view if the member has no notes.
Note: Tags are case sensitive: VIP ≠ vip



Note will be the default display of this box if at least one note saved on the member.
You can add comments with valuable information to their profile. For example, “The member
complained about not receiving a punch, so their punch card was punched manually”. Each comment
has a time stamp and the email of the Como Hub user that added it.



This box allows you to view the member’s preferences (not editable), as follow:
• SMS/ Email - Whether or not the member allows SMS text messages or emails. Members that
don't allow SMS or Emails are those that either uncheck the Allow SMS/ Allow email checkbox
that can appear on a registration form or that tap the unsubscribe link in a text message/
• Push Notification - Whether or not members with iOS devices have enabled push
• Location - Whether or not the member enabled location sharing. This information is taken
from the device.
• T&C – Member consent status. Whether or not the member approved the loyalty program
Terms & Conditions when registered.
Note: Some actions will be disabled due to the member’s preferences. For example: if the
member unsubscribed to SMS messages, all SMS actions will be disabled. 



Member’s Benefits

On the right side of the screen, you can review the member's active, redeemed and expired benefits
(gifts and punch cards). The number of active benefits is highlighted in a blue balloon.

Search and filter
The new view allows you to filter the benefits view in two level at the same time:
1. Type – gifts or punch card
2. Availability – active/ redeemed or expired benefits. Sort methods:
• Active – soon to be expired benefit will be at the top.
• redeemed / expired – last redemption/ expired benefit will be at the top.
The default view if for active gifts and punch cards.
You can also search for specific benefit you know its name. if you cannot find it, make sure the filter in
different way.


Benefit Information

For every benefit you will find the following information:
• display name and description – the same terminology the member will see in the app/
customer portal, etc.
• icon type
• availability dates:
o valid from
o valid until
o assigned date
• for punch cards, in addition – the number of punches.


For redeemed benefits, redemption date will be available.



Actions on Benefits

You can perform actions on the member’s instance benefits, depend with its status:


  •  Redeem benefit (for punch cards it will be available when the punch card is fully punched)o
  • Remove benefits (the benefit will be deleted)
  • Extend expiration – this new capability allows you to define a new date of expiration for the member’s benefit and to override the default configuration. For example: member wants to extend the joining gift expiration in one week as he was aboard since can define a new expiration date, as long as the asset template is still valid (thefather benefit)
  • Punch the punch card – it allows you to define how many punches to punch in oneaction. Overflow functionality will be available according to the punch cardconfiguration.


  • Extend expiration – in this case, the extend expiration allows you to activate expired benefit instead of sending the member a new one.mceclip5.pngmceclip6.png

Note: Send benefits action is available form “Actions” drop down.


Member’s Activities

List of all member’s activities according to most recent, such as when they make a purchase, redeem
a gift, etc.



 The new view allows you to filter the member’s activities based on its type: 

  • Benefits – activities related to the member’s benefits: gift, punch cards, points, etc.
  •  App – activities that preformed by the member: Generated an ID code, attempted to redeemgift, etc.
  • Legal & Membership
  • Communication
  • Purchase/ POS/ Payment – activities related to any transaction the member performed: in the store via POS, by the app via mobile payment, etc.

Each group has a different color with an indication by the activity in the activities table.
The default view includes all groups.


You can also search for specific activity by the date it occurred. When selecting a specific date, the view
will be changed to all logs from the selected date or earlier.
The activities list is endless. Therefore, you can always go to the latest activity by click on “Back to the


Activity Source                                                                                                                                         

The activities table includes source column which indicates for every activity the source who perform
the actions.
The source includes an icon and a tooltip with additional information:

  • App – actions performed by the member via the app. mceclip8.png
  • Member profile – actions performed by a hub user via the member profile screen. The
    the tooltip will indicate the hub user who performed the action. mceclip6.png
  • Campaign center – actions that performed automatically due to campaign center
    configuration (rule, deal, etc.). The tooltip will indicate the activity’s type and name that
    caused the action. mceclip7.png
  • Purchase – actions that preformed by POS transaction. The tooltip will indicate the
    transaction details: Branch ID, POS ID, Transaction ID. mceclip9.png



You can now view every purchase and its details as one of the members’ activities.


The ticket will include the purchase items by code, description, quantity, price, and discounts.
The summary of the ticket will include the subtotal, sum of all discounts (per items or general discount),
tax, and the total amount to pay. If received by the POS, payment method, and the amount will also be
When multiple members identify on a single purchase, the upper right side of the purchased ticket will
indicate the members. Hover on the icon will show you a tooltip with the member’s name. clicking on
the icon will open the member profile page in a new tab.


Additional information for a specific item is available when clicking on the hamburger near every item.



Actions on Member

You can perform actions on a member by selecting the relevant action (described below).
When click on “Action” button you will have quick access to the most used action on a single


More actions are available when clicking on the full list view.



Benefits Actions

Action Notes
Add Points (or credit) Use this action to send a fixed number of points.
You should also define the wallet you would like to upgrade. The wallets
selection is based on the business definition
Redeem Points (or credit) Use this action to redeem (deduct) a fixed number of points.
You should also define the wallet you would like to update. The wallets
selection is based on the business definition.
Send Benefit Select which gift or punch card to send, and its quantity


Communication Actions

Action Notes
Send Push Notification Enter the message text.
Select which action should occur when the member taps the message. For
example, if you are sending a gift, you can display the gift by choosing Open
Specific Benefit.
If the app is already open, the push displays a button. Specify the button label.
You can add an inbox to the app (such as in the member's profile) so that they
can refer back to messages later. Choose whether or not to save the message
to the app inbox (if you added one)
Open In-App Message The message will only appear after a specific app action occurs. Select which
actions can trigger the message to appear.
Add the title and message text.
Select an action for the message button (and button label if applicable).
Select the number of days to wait before canceling the message.
You can add an inbox to the app (such as in the member's profile) so that they
can refer back to messages later. Choose whether or not to save the message
to the app inbox (if you added one).
Send SMS Enter the SMS message.
Note: If the message is over a certain length, you'll be charged more than once
for each message. You'll be charged only once for messages which contain less
than 160 basic characters (i.e., no Hebrew or other special characters). When
estimating the length, take into account the unsubscribe text and dynamic text
(like member's name) if you added it.
Send Email Select the email template that you created from the campaign center. The
following additional fields are shown but cannot be edited here:
• Subject: taken from the email template
• From: taken from the email settings

Note: some of the communication actions might be disabled due to the member’s preferences (for
example: push disabled or unsubscribe SMS) or due to the business settings (for example:
the business has no settings for marketing SMS).


Legal & Membership Actions

Action Notes
Send SMS/ Consent Email Allows sending dedicated consent SMS/email to a member in order to approve the T&C.
Unsubscribe SMS/ Email If the member asks to unsubscribe from either SMS or Email list (such as
business’ customer service), the action is available manually from the “Actions” list.
Send Data Report If the member asks for a data report in other ways (such as via app feedback, or directly from the business), the action is available to send the report manually to the member from the “Actions” list.
Delete member Upon member request to be forgotten, you can delete the membership and
the members PII.
Member Gave Consent
Some businesses are not using the app or customer portal and have only POS
registration (in Israel it is also relevant in some Kosher branches when
members are not using smartphones). Therefore, members have no option to give their consent. This action enables the business to “turn on” the consent manually (with the member’s verbal permission) so the member can be active.
Note: this capability is eliminated by default to all businesses and will be
available upon request.
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