Recommend Items to Members

Based on machine-learning, the new smart recommendation engine finds patterns and similarities between members and between items, and uses demographic data to give you highly effective item recommendations for your members. This allows you to create personalized campaigns which promote the right items to the right customers.

In this phase, recommendations are available through your business insights in the Hub dashboard (like which items to promote as a bundle based on your purchase data) and through a new recommendation dashboard from the Data Explorer. More to come!



Some Important Notes:

  • Businesses must be active and not test, have at least 3 months of data, and use only one POS (i.e., one catalog of items). In addition, they must have at least 10 items that meet the item requirements below.
  • Items are considered only if they have a price greater than 0 and have been purchased more than a certain number of times in the last 12 months (3% market penetration).
  • Item recommendations reflect data from up to 12 months back.
  • Members included are registered, not deleted, not test, not staff, and not irregular users.
  • By default, only members that are likely to purchase the item but didn’t buy it yet are included. However, from the Purchase Potential filter on the right, you can also select to include members that already purchased the item, etc.


To view and promote recommended items:

  1. From Sales Analysis in your Data Explorer, click Go to Recommendations (on the right).


  2. From the items that members are likely to buy but didn’t buy yet, select an item to promote by clicking the corresponding bar on the graph.


  3. Once an item is selected, a second graph shows the members that are likely to buy this item according to different segments. You can change the segmentation type using the drop-down (RFM, age group, tags, gender, etc.) and select specific segments by clicking the corresponding bars on the graph (optional).


  4. To initiate a one-time activity on the members who are likely to buy this item (and belong to the segments you may have selected), click the button on the right.


  5. A one-time activity is initiated on these members. Add actions to promote the recommend item. For example:

    Send them a push to recommend that they try the item.


    Or, send them a coupon for 10% off this item and push to notify them.

    Tip: Create the gift directly from the benefit drop-down list when choosing which gift to send.



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