Release Guide - October 2018

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Highlights - Generally Available

  • Smart Recommendation Engine
    Based on machine-learning algorithms, the new smart recommendation engine finds highly effective item recommendations for your members so you can create more personalized campaigns. Recommendations are available through a new recommendation dashboard from the Data Explorer (requires at least 3 months of data) and through your business insights in the Hub dashboard (like which items to promote as a bundle based on your purchase data). Learn more

  • Insights: Weather-Based, Item Recommendations & Preferred Location
    View new insights from your Hub dashboard based on seasons, weather and preferred location.

  • Monthly Insights E-mail for Franchisees
    Specific Como Hub users can receive a monthly business insights email for a specific business location. This allows location managers or franchisees to receive monthly updates containing only data relevant to their locations.

  • Credit Reconciliation Report
    On demand, businesses can receive a report to reconcile credit usage between locations.

  • Dynamic Reports: New Attributes
    New purchase and member attributes are available for reports: cashier, preferred location, 2nd preferred location, days since last visit, purchase UID, and 3rd party codes.
  • View Rule Analysis
    View KPIs of rules to measure their success—such as how many times a rule was applied and for how many members.

  • Goal Wizard – Multiple Activities
    Each campaign created from the Goal Wizard can now automatically create multiple activities—making it easier than ever to create effective campaigns.

  • Create Birthday & Anniversary Rules
    Create rules to automatically send members treats or personalized messages on their birthday or anniversary.

  • Gifts – Drafts, Templates, Related Activities & More
    Enhancements were made to gifts created from the Campaign Center, such as saving gifts are drafts, use & create templates, view activities using the gift, etc.

  • Create Gifts Directly From Activities
    Create a new gift in the process of creating an activity to send a gift. For example, when creating a rule to send a benefit, either select an existing gift from the benefit drop-down or select to create a new gift instead.

  • Open Catalogs from Push or In-App Messages
    Allow members to open a specific catalog directly from a push or in-app message—such as to promote your new menu.

  • Consent-Related Enhancements
    Create rules when members consent, add membership conditions based on consent status, action to send consent SMS/email and saving all purchases of members that didn't consent.

  • One-Time – Templates, Consent Messages & More
    You can now use & create templates, filter members according to first name and last name, and view a reminder to refresh your filter when editing a draft.

  • Membership Attributes – Consented, Expiration Date & Saved Credit Card
    Apply activities or gifts to specific members according to new membership attributes: Consented to T&C, Expiration Date and Saved Credit Card to App Wallet.

  • Rule Conditions – Joining Source & Mean of Payment
    Create a rule when members join the program based on where they joined from, or based on mean of payment for purchase-related rules (cash, points, etc.)

  • Design Improvements for Hub Header
    In the Hub header, you can now find all the profile settings from a single menu and change to a different business from the business logo itself.

  • Other UX Improvements
    Additional UX improvements were made—such as the ability to easily select the year for time conditions and more quickly select benefits for benefit conditions.

  • Deprecated Features: Now No Longer Supported
    The Favorites tab is no longer available. The option to apply activities to all members (including non-registered ones) can now only be configured from the specific members option.

  • Deprecated Features: Soon No Longer Supported
    In the coming weeks, the option to create new gifts, deals and rules will only be available from the Campaign Center. However, you’ll still be able to edit existing gifts, club deals and smart automations.


Only available to selected businesses as a pilot.

  • New Generation of Como Apps
    A new generation of Como-powered apps is now available in pilot to selected businesses—based on a new React technology and with newly designed screens and flows to give a better user experience. It gives significant improvements in appearance, usability, and performance, with flexibility in design.

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