Create Gifts for Campaigns

Gifts are personal coupons members can redeem at your business—such as a free dessert, 10% off their purchase, or 5 shirts for $5. You can use them to reward members on different occassions—such as for joining the program, as a birthday or holiday treat, for accumulating a certain number of points, for referring a friend that joins, and more.

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Gifts vs. Deals
Create Basic Gifts
Create Advanced Gifts
View Gift Analysis & Related Activities
Generate a landing page  


Gifts vs. Deals

Both gifts and deals provide members with discounts, however, there are many differences. Gifts are personal one-time coupons that members receive, while deals are general reusable promotions that automatically apply to eligible purchases. See Difference Between Gifts & Deals


Create Basic Gifts

To create a basic gift:

  1. From your Campaign Center, click Gifts and then +Gift


  2. Select a template from the template library, or select to start from scratch.


  3. Enter a name for your gift and add a description.

    Note: You cannot have more than one gift with the same name.


  4. Specify the discount of the gift.

    Discount Options Description
    On entire purchase Give a fixed amount off or percent off the entire purchase. You can also exclude certain items from the discount and limit the total discount amount of a percent discount.

    Note: If the discount is configured on the POS itself using item codes or deal codes, you can specify this discount here.
    On specific items (or free item) Give a discount on specific items: amount off, percent off, special price or free item.

    By default, the discount will apply only once. For example, if you give $2 off coffee, they will receive $2 off only one coffee in the purchase. However, you can remove/change the limit for the number of times the discount is applied within each purchase, and also limit the total discount amount.
    Buy/Spend X, Get Y

    Give advanced discounts on a combination of items or spend: amount off, percent off, special price or free item. Learn more

    Unlike the 2nd option, here you can create discounts that apply:

    • to a group of items together (such as a new price for a bundle of items), or
    • each time that a specific quantity or spend appears in the purchase (like BOGO)


  5. Optional: Add gift redemption terms.

    Note: These are conditions for who can redeem the gifts and when, not who will receive the gift and when. Gifts are actually sent to members using an activity.

    Here you can specify the following:
    • Member segments that can redeem the gift
    • General validity period of the gift based on dates, days of the week and times of day
    • Additional validity conditions based on when the member actually received the gift (for example, you can specify that the gift is only valid 1 day after they receive it, or up to 30 days after they receive it)
    • Purchase conditions

      Note: If there are differences between the general validity period and additional validity conditions, the actual redemption period is the overlap between them. For example, if the gift is valid for all of January and up to 10 days after receiving it, and the member receives it on December 28th, the member can redeem the gift from Jan 1 until Jan 6.


  6. Optional: Edit the display settings.

    Note: The display name, description and image is used when displaying the gift on the member's gift list (shown in the app, POS, customer portal or ordering websites).


    You can also transform your gift into a scratch card, by choosing Scratch Card for App gamification type. Note that Show redeem code in the app must be checked for scratch cards. 

  7. To activate your gift, click Save.

    Note: You also have the option to save it as a draft if you're not ready to activate it. You can also save it as a template to reuse again later.


Create Advanced Gifts

You can create advanced gifts by adding cases, or advanced discounts (Buy/Spend X, Get Y).

You can split your gift to several cases to give different discounts in different scenarios. For example, you can give different discounts for different business locations, different days of the week, times of day, or member segments (such as student or VIP). Learn more about cases



View Gift Analysis & Related Activities

For gifts you activated, you can view gift analysis (how many were sent and redeemed), and related activities (which activities are currently using the gift).




Generate a landing page to share and promote a gift on social media

1. Switch “Activate” to generate a landing page link.


2. Your landing page will be ready once you have saved the gift. Simply copy the link and share it on social media, you can also view it on your computer.


3. Members who click on the link will see the attractive gift page:



  1. Before using this capability for the first time, please contact Como Support to switch- on this feature for your environment.
  2. Customers (non- members) who enter their phone number will be automatically registered to the program and will receive the gift.
  3. The feature is not supported for businesses that charge for membership.



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