Acquire Members with Gift Landing Page

Recruit new members and bring more customers to your business by setting- up a Traffic Acquisition Coupon.

Typical Flow:

  1. The business creates a gift with the “Share” option.
  2. The business publishes the gift on their Social Media:


       3. A potential customer opens the link and enters their phone number.

       4. The customer has then registered automatically to the program as a member and will receive the gift.

  • The member will receive a consent SMS to accept the program's T&Cs and provide their details.
  • The gift is limited to 1 per member. This is not configurable. In case a member will enter their phone number again, they will not receive the gift a second time. At this stage, there is no notification to a member that they already received the gift.
  • The gift can be intended for new and existing members or for both.

       5. When the member identifies at the POS using their phone number, the gift will be available to be redeemed.


Set- up:

  1. From your Campaign Center, click Gifts and then +Gift
  2. Enter a name for your gift and add a description. * Since this gift is used to acquire new members, use an attractive name and a welcoming description. Both will be visible to the user upon viewing the gift landing page on social media.
  3. Specify the discount of the gift.
  4. Edit the display image. It will be shown to the user gift landing page on social media.
  5. Switch “Activate".


  6. Mark if it applies only to new members.


  7. (Optional) Edit the default text.


  8. Click ‘Save’ to activate your gift.
  9. Copy the link.


  10. Share it as a post on Facebook or any other social media platform.


  11. Check how many members joined the program using the traffic acquisition coupon using Filter Members. Go to ‘Filter Members’ and filter all members who joined the program with the source 'Quick Register'.


    Note: on Joining Reports, the ’source’ for members who joined via landing page link would be ‘QuickRegistration’.

  12. Create a rule based on joining the program, add a 'source' condition to send a different gift based on the joining source.




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