Difference Between Gifts & Deals

Gifts and deals are different ways to give members a discount on their purchase.


Key Differences

Although both gifts and deals can provide the same types of discounts, there are many differences. Gifts are personal one-time coupons that members receive, while deals are general reusable promotions that automatically apply to eligible purchases. Here are the key differences:

Gifts Deals
Once created, gifts are sent to specific members using an activity or Filter Members (such as a rule that sends members a specific gift when they join the program). Deals are created but do not need to be sent to members.
Gifts are only redeemed in a purchase if the member requests to redeem it during checkout Deals are automatically applied to a member's purchase at the POS upon checkout (without them asking)
Gifts can be redeemed only once (one-time coupon) Deals can be applied to multiple purchases for each member (unless you specify a limit)
Gifts appear on the member's gift list—on the POS, in the app, in the customer portal, or on the business' ordering website Deals are not displayed, unless the business promotes it somewhere
Gifts can be added to your app Point Shop, so members can buy them with their points Deals cannot be purchased with points


Typical Flow for Gifts

  1. The business creates a gift (such as a coupon for 50% off cocktails on Friday).
  2. The business creates a one-time activity to send the gift to a group of members at once, or creates a rule to send it to members individually (such as when they join the program).
  3. The member identifies at the POS (usually using their phone number) and tells the cashier which gifts they want to redeem on this purchase.
  4. The cashier selects the gift from the member's gift list and if eligible, the discount is applied to the purchase.


Typical Flow for Deals

  1. The business creates a deal (such as 3 beers for $10 during happy hour).
  2. The member identifies at the POS (usually by phone number).
  3. Before payment, any eligible discounts are automatically applied to their purchase. For example, if it's happy hour and they buy 3 drinks, they will get them for $10.



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