FAQ: How to create a One-Time Activity?

Create One-Time Activities

From your Campaign Center, create one-time activities on a group of members at once. For example, send all VIP members from a specific location a push message about the new deals for that location. You can perform the activity immediately or schedule it for later.


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Create One-Time Activity
Intiate One-Time From Insights
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One-Time Status


Create One-Time Activity

You can create one-time activities on a member segment you define directly in your Campaign Center. You can also initiate a one-time activity on a predefined group of members from your business insights, or on a group of members you define in your Data Explorer.

  1. From your campaign, click +Activity and then One-Time.


  2. Select a template from the template library, or select to start from scratch.


  3. Enter a name for your one-time activity and optionally, add a description.


  4. Select which members to perform the action on by specifying criteria, then click Filter Now.

    Note: Clicking Filter Now will filter all your members according to the criteria you specified. If you wish to create a template or a draft, you can click Save filter criteria and then filter the members when you are ready to perform the activity.


  5. Select to perform the action now (default) or schedule it for a later time. Then click Save.

    Note: If you schedule the action to be performed later, it will still be performed on the specific members that were filtered now. In other words, the filter won't "refresh" to reflect any changes in your segment between the time the members were filtered and the time the action is scheduled to occur.


  6. Select the action you'd like to perform, then click Activate on top when finished.


Initiate One-Time From Insights

You can initiate a one-time activity on a pre-selected group of members directly from certain business insights. For example, click Target these members to iniate a one-time activity on the exact members that are likely to buy Chocolate Truffle:



Initiate One-Time From Data Explorer

Use the Member Filter from the Data Explorer to filter members and perform one-time activities on them from your Campaign Center.

To create a one-time action:

  1. From Data & BI tab, click Data Explorer.


  2. From the top-right, select the Member Filter sheet.


  3. Add filters from the filters on the right, and then click the button on top to perform an action on these members.

    For example, you can filter members by attributes like tag, or Home Location. And if you choose Time > Year > 2018 and Actions > Purchases > Only Purchases, you can filter only members that made a purchase in 2018. 


  4. Select which campaign you'd like to add the one-time action to, and then click OK.

    Note: If you'd like to add it to a new campaign, create the campaign before the one-time action (or save the one-time action as draft and move it to a new campaign later, see Manage Campaigns & Activities)


  5. Create your one-time activity on the segment you created from your filter.


One-Time Status

Once a one-time action is created, it appears with status Active if it was set to be performed now or status Future if it was set to be performed later. Actions which are set to be performed immediately cannot be edited after they are activated. For immediate actions, the status will automatically change to Completed once the action request is initiated.



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