FAQ: How to create a Birthday/Anniversary Rule?

From the Campaign Center, create rules to automatically send members treats or personalized messages on their birthday or anniversary.

Note: Existing birthday and anniversary automations will not be automatically migrated. We recommend contacting Como Support before activating a new birthday or anniversary rule, and remember to deactivate any corresponding automations (otherwise, both of them will apply). 


Before You Start

To create rules based on a member's birthday or anniversary, add the corresponding field to your registration form

Note: If the birthday field is added to the registration form AND the member fills it out, the member will only be able to register if they satisfy the minimum legal age defined for their territory. Learn More

Create Birthday or Anniversary Rules

Create a rule when the member Has a birthday (or Has an anniversary), with the following in mind:

  • Each rule can only apply to each member once per year
  • Event type – determines if the rule applies on the member’s birthday month or on the exact day (for example, January vs. January 3rd)
  • Run it – determines at what time of day the rule will apply according to the local time zone of the business. This is the time the rule only starts searching for members who qualify so the action may not be performed immediately. In the case of daylight savings time, the rule may apply one hour later than the time configured.

    Note: Even if the rule runs every day, it will only apply to each member once per year



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