Promo Codes

Collaborate with other businesses by providing customers unique Promo Codes from your Campaign Center, which can be used to obtain a discount at your business. Customers don't need to be members in order to redeem the Promo Code, which means you can attract more customers.

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Create Promo Codes
Fix code
Auto-Generated Promo Codes
Promo Code Status
Cancel Codes
Promo Codes vs. Gifts


Create Promo Codes

Create promo codes from the Promo Codes tab in your Campaign Center

To create promo codes:

  1. From your Campaign Center, click Promo Codes and then + Promo Code.


  2. Choose if you want to add Fix code (generate a single code, that can be used for unlimited redemption) or Generated a bulk of codes (each code is unique and allows a single redemption).
  3. Enter a name for the promo codes and description.

    Note: You cannot have more than one set of promo codes with the same name.


  4. Specify the discount of the promo in the Discount tab.
    Note: You can create advanced promos with split cases to give different discounts in different scenarios. For example, you can give different discounts for different business locations, different days of the week, or times of the day. Learn more about cases

    Discount Options Description
    On entire purchase Give a fixed amount off or percent off the entire purchase. You can also exclude certain items from the discount and limit the total discount amount of a percent discount.

    Note: If the discount is configured on the POS itself using item codes or deal codes, you can specify this discount here.
    On specific items (or free item) Give a discount on specific items: amount off, percent off, special price or free item.

    By default, the discount will apply to every item. For example, if you give $2 off coffee, they will receive $2 off each coffee in the purchase. However, you can limit the number of times the discount is applied within each purchase, and limit the total discount amount.
    Buy/Spend X, Get Y

    Give advanced discounts on a combination of items or spend: amount off, percent off, special price or free item. Learn more

    Unlike the 2nd option, here you can create discounts that apply:

    • to a group of items together (such as a new price for a bundle of items), or
    • each time that a specific quantity or spend appears in the purchase (like BOGO)
  5. Optional: Under the terms tab you can specify when the promo codes can be used (i.e., dates, days, times) or other conditions based on their purchase (like location, minimum spend, etc.). If you want the discount to apply each time specific items or quantities appear in the purchase, configure this in the discount itself instead of in the conditions.

    Note: No membership conditions are available since promo codes can be used by any customer, including non-members.


    Fix code:

    Specify the fixed code for your promo.
    Note: The code must be numeric, at least 5 digits, and the same code cannot be used for different promotions for the same business.


    Auto-Generated Promo Codes:

    1. Enter the name bulk and define for each how many codes will be generated, 
    a. The limit is 10,000 codes in one bulk.
    b. Supports dynamic length of 5-9 digits.
    c. Each code in the bulk can only be used once.
    2. You can generate codes to test them before distributing them to customers.
    3. If you wish to define multiple bulks of codes, ex: define different bulks of codes by locations than click add bulk. 



    4. Once the Promo Code is activated: 

    a. You can download a CSV of every bulk of codes by clicking on the "download" icon:

    b. You can view and copy the test codes by clicking on the "eye" icon:


    Note: It's not possible to change the number of codes generated for bulk after the Promo Code was activated.

Promo Code Analysis

View how many codes were used or unused in every bulk. A bulk that was deactivated will be shown as canceled. 




 Promo Code Status

The following statuses are available for promo codes. Note that once promo codes are activated, they can no longer be edited.

Status Description
Active Activity is within the validity period (It will not be possible to change the number of codes generated for bulk after the activity was activated).
Future Activity start date is in the future
Completed Promo codes end date has passed.
Stopped The activity was manually stopped (such as before the end date)
Draft The activity was saved as a draft and has not yet been activated


a. A bulk that was deactivated, can not be re-activated again.
b. Promo code that was deactivated can be re-activate only within 30 days. After 30 days it won't be possible to re-activate the promo codes, and its codes will be used by another campaign. 


Cancel codes

Cancel one or multiple codes from the top menu in the Hub:


Promo Codes vs. Gifts

Promo codes and gifts (created from the campaign center) can offer the same types of discounts, but there are several key differences:

  • Gifts are only redeemable by members, while promo codes can be redeemed by any customer (including non-members). However, if an identified member redeems a promo code, you can still view it in their Hub profile logs.
  • Gifts appear in the app and the POS gift list, while promo codes do not.
  • Gifts are sent to members using a rule or one-time activity. Promo codes can be promoted to customers in different ways by the business. For example, they can post it on their social media pages, on their website, or convert it into a QR code to display in the business. They can also sent it to customers directly via email, SMS, etc.

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