Create Classic Punch Cards for Campaigns

Create classic punch cards which provide members with a free item when they buy a certain number of these items. For example, buy 5 coffees and get the 6th for free. The new Punch Card activity allows you to define your reward, when the card will be punched, add terms, and control display settings for your card.

Note: In this phase, rules are still required to send the card. However, rules are NOT required to punch the punch card for punch cards created in the Campaign Center (since the card will be punched automatically when the member buys the eligible item). Learn more about punch card rules

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Create Classic Punch Cards 


Create Classic Punch Cards

To create a classic punch card:

  1. From your campaign in the Campaign Center, select +Activity and then Punch Card.


  2.  Enter a name for your punch card and add a description.

    Note: You cannot have more than one punch card with the same name.


  3. From the Definition tab, select the number of items and which items the member needs to purchase to get the next one for free. Note: No rules are required to punch the card.


    Note: You can limit the number of punches the member can receive in each purchase. For example, if they buy 2 coffees in one purchase but the limit is 1, they will only get 1 punch.

  4. From the Terms tab, define who can use the punch card and when—including:

    • Member segment that can receive, punch or redeem the card
    • Days, dates, and times that the card can be used used (general validity period)
    • How long after receiving the card the member can punch and redeem it (ex: 30 days)
    • Certain purchase conditions for punching and redeeming the card

      Note: The actual validity period is the overlap between the general validity period and validity conditions based on receiving it. For example, if the punch card is valid for all of January and up to 10 days after receiving it, and the member receives it on December 28th, the member can punch or redeem it from Jan 1 until Jan 6.


  5. From the Display tab, you can edit the display settings.

    The display name, description and image are used when displaying the punch card on the member’s benefit list (shown in the app, POS, customer portal, or ordering sites).


  6. To activate your punch card, click Save.

    • You also have the option to save it as a draft if you're not ready to activate it. You can also save it as a template to reuse again later.
    • Once a punch card is activated, you cannot edit the number of punches. In addition, cards that are deactivated cannot be edited at all.


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