Filter Members for One-Time Activities

Perform one-time activities on all your members or a specific group of members. To select a specific group, you can filter your members according to their attributes (ex: point balance, tag, etc.) and their actions (ex: made a purchase).

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Member Attributes
Member Actions
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  • Let your VIP members know about an exclusive offer.
  • Notify members that prefer a specific location about deals for that location.
  • Send a coupon for diapers to members that bought baby products in the last 6 months.
  • Send an SMS to members that didn’t purchase in the last 2 months to invite them to stop by.
  • Send a reminder to members that received a specific benefit but didn’t yet redeem it.



Member Attributes

You can filter members according to different member attributes. The attributes that you can choose from are the ones in your registration form and additional system ones like tag, if they allow SMS, etc. If you choose multiple member attributes, then ALL of them must be satified for the activity to apply to a member. For example, the member is tagged student AND is an app user.

You can also specify the membership status (i.e., registered, pending, or non-registered app users). For example, if you want to send an in-app message to users that installed the app but haven't yet registered, you would need to apply the rule to non-registered app users. Or if you want to register a member that paid for their membership, you would need to apply the rule to pending members.


Member Actions

The following actions are currently available. For each action, you can define the date range along with additional criteria. If you add multiple actions (or even member attributes), then all of the filter criteria must be satisfied by each member.



Additional Criteria

Made a purchase

All purchase conditions, except mean of payment.

Note: Find members that didn’t purchase specific items using the didn’t purchase action (instead of “shopping cart doesn’t contain…”). If you add multiple purchase conditions, all must be satisfied for the same purchase.

Didn’t purchase

At specific location, or certain items

Received a benefit

Specific benefit or benefit source
Note: You cannot select multiple benefits. Either one specific benefit, or all.

Redeemed a benefit

Specific benefit or location

Note: You cannot select multiple benefits. Either one specific benefit, or all.

Didn’t redeem a benefit

Specific benefit or location
Note: This currently includes members that also didn’t receive the benefit.

Opened the app

No additional criteria

Joined the program

If they used an invite code, used a specific invite code, or the joining source (such as at the POS or from the app)


Refresh Filters

Clicking Filter Now will filter all your members according to the criteria you specified. If you wish to create a template or a draft, you can click Save filter criteria and then filter the members when you are ready to perform the activity.

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