Release Guide - November 2018

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Highlights - Generally Available

  • Data Explorer – Improved Filters & Navigation

    To provide a better user experience, the design of the navigation and filters of the Data Explorer were enhanced. You can also now view the date range for the data which is available for your business.

  • Enhanced Points & Credit Log

    From their Hub profile, you can view logs when members receive or used points (or credit). You can now more easily see from where their balance was updated—for example, if they accumulated points for their purchase. More

  • Como API – Payment Card Details

    When customers perform a purchase at the POS (or other services that implemented the Como API such as ordering sites), Como can now receive additional payment details—including the type of credit card used.

  • Campaign Center: View Deal Analysis

    View KPIs of your deals to measure their success, including how many times the deal was applied, for how many distinct members and the total discount applied from this deal. More

  • Campaign Center: Add Deal Limits

    Limit the number of times a deal can be applied for each member in total, or for each member within a specific time period (such as once per day). For example, give a special employee discount that can be used only once per month. More

  • Campaign Center: One-Time Filters by Member Actions

    Filter members according to their actions and perform one-time activities on them. For example, send a push to members that didn’t purchase in the last 2 months, or a reminder to members that received a specific benefit but didn’t yet redeem it. More

  • Campaign Center: Add Purchase Conditions for Gifts

    Create gifts that can only be redeemed in specific purchases. For example, allow members to only redeem gifts in specific locations, or if they spend over a certain amount in the purchase.

  • Campaign Center: Create Scratch Cards

    Create scratch cards to give members a gift with an element of surprise and interactive experience. More

  • Campaign Center: Create Classic Punch Cards

    Create punch cards which provide members with a free item when they buy a certain number of these items. For example, buy 5 coffees and get the 6th for free. More

  • Campaign Center: Target Members Based on Auto Segments

    You can now more easily add conditions for activities and gifts based on our auto customer segmentation. For example, target members that haven’t visited in a while, your Big Spenders, or members that prefer a specific location.

  • Contact Support from Como Hub

    Open a support ticket right from the Como Hub from the profile menu in the header. More


A new generation of Como apps is available to selected businesses as a pilot—offering newly designed screens and flows to provide a better user experience. Additional features and capabilities are now supported for the new generation app, and more will be added in the coming releases.

  • New Gen App: Copy Colors

    To make it easier for businesses with Como apps to upgrade to the new gen app, there is now an option to automatically migrate app colors from their current color scheme.

  • New Gen App: Pay in Store with Points/Credit

    Allow members to generate payment codes from the new gen app to pay at the POS with their points or credit balance. You can also select whether to display this code as numeric, QR or barcode.

  • New Gen App: Enter Coupon Codes

    Allow members to enter coupon codes in the new gen app—to trigger rules that send them rewards.

  • New Gen App: Better Icon Names

    Icon names are now more informative and easy to understand—by indicating where they are used in the app and what the icon represents so you can more easily customize them to your needs.

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