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Navigation Bar
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Your app header can display the following buttons (at different times):

  • Home button
  • Back button
  • Hamburger button (side menu)
  • Custom button

You can add a custom button and/or Home button to your header by creating a special custom screen which includes them. The hamburger button will appear only if you add a side menu. Learn more

Navigation Bar

Define buttons (3 or more) for your navigation bar by creating a special custom screen. Learn more

: Without defining a navigation bar (using a custom screen), the app will not load at all. In addition, one of the buttons must be the Home Screen, which will be the first screen presented.

From Content > Branding (NEW) > Design (NEW), you can specify additional settings:




Navigation Bar - Layout

If to display both the button text and icons, or only the icons

Navigation Bar – Button Colors

How the selected button should appear, in contrast to the unselected buttons

  • Selected: Text color | Unselected: Text color with opacity


  • Selected: Original color | Unselected: Text color



Side Menu

You can define 1-7 buttons to your side menu by creating a special custom screen (Learn more), and selecting the Side Menu navigation type from Content > Branding > Design.

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