New Gen App: Overview

A new generation of Como-powered apps is now available—based on a new React technology and with newly designed screens and flows to provide a better user experience. The app provides significant improvements in appearance, usability, and performance, along with flexibility in design.


Article Topics:

Design Concept
Supported Features
Unsupported Features

Design Concept

Instead of pre-defined layouts, the new design concept provides a home screen based on widgets—which present a concise dashboard of data, along with images and buttons. It also offers better navigation options (with a navigation bar), a scrollable home screen, and more.





Existing businesses can request to migrate their apps if they don’t require a capabilitity that isn’t yet supported (see below). A new gen app requires dedicated Hub configurations and submitting it to the app stores as a new gen app.


Supported Features

The following widgets, screens and button actions are currently supported for React apps.





  • Member Profile
  • Welcome Messages
  • Point Shop
  • Tiles
  • Auto-Redeem Points
  • Gifts
  • Punch Cards
  • Point Shop
  • General Info
  • Locations
  • Catalog
  • Member Profile
  • Web Views
  • Side Menu
  • Login
  • Registration
  • My Activity
  • Invite Friends
  • Member Code
  • Coupon Code
  • Payment Code (Points/Credit)
  • App Inbox
  • Manage Credit Cards
  • Pay with Online Service in App


  • Empty Block
  • Open App Screen
  • Location List
  • General Info
  • Member Profile
  • Gift List
  • Punch Card List
  • Point Shop
  • Invite Friends
  • Close App Screen
  • Open URLs in External Browser
  • Call Us
  • Give Feedback
  • Navigate to Location
  • Share Text (General)
  • Open Web Page
  • Open Web View
  • Filter Location List by Tag
  • Open Catalog
  • Open Catalog Items
  • Open Home Screen
  • Show Member Code*
  • Pay with Points/Credit at POS
  • Enter Coupon Code
  • Open Specific Asset Screen
  • Open Pop-Up Message
  • Pay with Online Service in App
  • Open Inbox
  • Manage Credit Cards
  • Trigger Action (or Claim)
  • Rate the App


*This action now lets you show the code as number only, QR or barcode (App Settings > Code Display).

Unsupported Features

Any feature or capability not listed above is not currently supported by the new gen app, such as:

  • No direct in-store payments with in-app credit cards (only through preloaded credit)
  • No photo gallery
  • No custom screens
  • No scan QR codes
  • No beacons
  • No scratch cards
  • No Appsflyer (external app analytics platform)
  • No scan receipt (used to take a picture)
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