New Gen App: App Text

You can customize the text shown on your app screens—such as to override the default text or to change which wallet is displayed (points vs. credit).

Customize App Text

  1. From Operation > Override App Text, search for the text you want to change.

    Note: If there are multiple search results, make sure to choose the right one (contact us if you aren’t sure). If you don’t have any search results, the text might not editable from here or the text may contain parameters (try searching for only part of the text instead).


  2. Enter a new value and click Save. Then click Publish.



Show Points vs. Credit

A member’s point or credit balance may appear in the following places:

  • Profile Widget
  • Profile Screen
  • Point Shop Widget
  • Point Shop Screen

By default, points are displayed. However, you can choose to display credit instead by changing the text and parameter in the app text. If the business uses both points and credit, you can display points in the Point Shop and credit in the profile.

To show credit instead of points:

  1. From Operation > Override App Text, search for the relevant text:

    1. To change Point Shop balance, search for balanceText

    2. To change Profile balance, search for UserPoints


  2. Replace the relevant parameter. Click Save, and then Publish.

    1. For the Point Shop, replace #$Points# with #$Budget#

    2. For the Profile, replace %$Points% with #$Budget#

      Note: You can also replace the text shown after the parameter if relevant. For example, change %$Points% points to #$Budget# credit







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