Release Guide - January 2019

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Highlights - Generally Available

  • Campaign Center: Faster & Easier Setup of Punch Cards

    Configure punch card settings from the punch card itself (instead of rules), such as if to automatically send the first card when members buy the punch item; if to renew the card upon redeem, last punch and/or card expiration; or if to send a push or in-app message after member punches, receives or redeems the card. 

  • Campaign Center: Improved Logic & Rewards for Punch Cards

    Enhancements were made to classic punch cards such as the ability to reward members with a free item that's different than the punch item, no punches for free items, and more.

  • Campaign Center: Filter by Multiple Action Occurrences for One-Time

    You can target members for one-time activities based on their past purchases, redeems, app usage and more. Now you can filter members according to multiple occurrences of an action. For example, target members who spent over $100 in at least 5 purchases, spent at least $500 total in the last month, or opened the app at least 6 times in the last week.

  • Campaign Center: Filter by Enhanced Criteria for One-Time

    Filter members for one-time activities by their actions using new and enhanced criteria such as based on receiving/using points, spend on specific items, and more.

  • Campaign Center: Filter by Membership Keys for One-Time

    Select specific members for one-time activities by pasting a list of membership keys.

  • Campaign Center: Choose Preferred Location by Location Names

    You can specify members by their preferred location—the location they visited the most based on their purchase history and how recently they visited (see Auto Customer Segmentation). Now you can choose a preferred location according to a drop-down list of location names.

  • Campaign Center: Migrations of Birthday/Anniversary Automations & Smart Gifts

    In the coming months, all smart gifts and birthday/anniversary automations will be gradually migrated to the Campaign Center. This process will be handled by the account managers, and the relevant businesses will be notified before. This won’t affect any customers who already received the gift.

  • Registration Form: Modern & Slick Design

    The registration form was enhanced with a modern and slick design and a better user experience. Over the coming weeks, the registration form will be released to all businesses.

  • Registration Form: Different Colors Within Websites

    You can now more seamlessly integrate your enhanced registration form into external platforms (like your website or ordering site) by overriding the form colors when it’s presented outside of the app.

  • Dynamic Reports: Email Communications & Item Tags

    From Dynamic Reports in your Data Explorer, you can now create communication reports for emails. For example, view how many members opened or clicked on an email you sent to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. You can also filter reports based on item tags (if sent by your POS).


A new generation of Como apps is available to selected businesses as a pilot—offering newly designed screens and flows to provide a better user experience. Additional features and capabilities are now supported for the new generation app, and more will be added in the coming releases.

  • New Gen App: Auto-Redeem Points Widget

    You can encourage members to accumulate more points by automatically redeeming their points for a reward once they reach a certain number (such as a free hamburger for 1000 points). You can now add a new widget to your Home Screen to show members their progress towards their reward.

  • New Gen App: In-App Credit Card Payments

    Allow members to buy items directly in their app using credit cards. For example, members can load (top-up) their credit balance to pay for items in the business, or pay ahead for special offers or events.

  • New Gen App: Add Background Images or Animations

    Add a background image to appear on your app Home Screen behind your widgets. You can choose to add it as a .gif file for an animated background.

  • New Gen App: App Inbox for Messages

    Add an inbox to your app so members can go back to view push and in-app messages you sent and selected to save in the inbox.

  • New Gen App: Open In-App Messages Using Activities

    In addition to opening in-app message from app buttons, you can now create a rule or one-time activity that opens them.

  • New Gen App: Migrate Old Custom Icons

    To simplify upgrading apps to the new version, you can now automatically migrate all the custom icons from your existing apps to the new gen app.

  • New Gen App: Open Relevant Screens from Profile Widget

    Tapping on a section of the profile widget will now open the relevant screens. For example, tapping Gifts will open the Gift List.

  • New Gen App: Improved Web View Performance

    To improve the user experience and promote connectivity, enhancements were made to reduce the loading time of web views displayed in the app (such as ordering sites).

  • New Gen App: Preview Apps with Reactor

    Try out your new gen app using the new Reactor simulation app. Since the Reactor app is in the approval process, it’s not yet available for download from the app stores. However, upon request, Como support can send you a link to use the app on your device.

  • New Gen App: View App Version & Type

    When a member opens their app, you can now view the app version and if it was a new gen app from their member profile in the Hub.

  • New Gen App: Basic Accessibility

    The new gen app now supports basic accessibility to comply with accessibility regulations in Israel.

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