Select Membership Keys for One-Time Activities

You can select specific members for one-time activities using a list of membership keys. For example, you can filter members using dynamic reports but select only the first 1000 members to reward using a one-time activity.

To learn about filtering members for one-time activities according to member attributes or actions, click here.

Copy & Paste Membership Keys

You can specify membership keys by copying and pasting a list of up to 15,000 membership keys. After pasting your list, click Filter Now to find all the members corresponding to these keys.



  • You cannot enter keys directly. They can only be pasted.
  • If you want to view the membership keys you pasted, you can download the list.
  • You can remove the list using the trash icon that appears.
  • If the list includes values other than membership keys, these values will be ignored. If the list includes duplicate membership keys, they will also be ignored. The number of members filtered indicates the number of unique and valid membership keys found in your list.
  • Lists cannot be saved to reuse later.


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