Enhanced Registration Form

The registration form was enhanced with a modern and slick design and a better user experience.

registration_form.png   form2.png   form4.png


  • The form will indicate either mandatory fields (if there are more mandatory fields than optional ones), or optional fields (if there are more optional fields than mandatory ones).
  • Currently, age is only validated after the user verifies their phone or email via code.
  • If there are other pattern restrictions for fields, values are validated as the user types.


Different Colors Within Websites

You can now more seamlessly integrate your registration form into external platforms (like your website or ordering site) by overriding the form colors when it’s presented outside of the app. 

To override colors in the iFrame, the query must contain overrideDefaultColorScheme=true and the relevant color parameters with a hex value (for the color you want to override). For example:


The following color parameters are available: widgetBackground, text, sideMenuBackground, navigationBarBackground, icon, headerText, headerBackground, buttonText, buttonBackground, and background.

No Custom Button Action

The new registration form does not support the option to add an additional/different action to the Register button, so this capability is no longer available. This means that members cannot pay for their membership via the app.


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