How to create a Deep Link

Deep Link is a smart URL that allows you to send existing and potential users to your home page within your iOS or Android app. You can send the link through an SMS, Push, or publish on your social media. For collaborations with different businesses (3rd party) it allows you to open your app within another app. For members without the app installed in the device, it will take them to the Google or Apple store.


To log in to your firebase account, use the same credential as your Google developer account. 


Create a Deep Link from the firebase:

From the business dashboard click from the side menu ‘Grow’ --> ‘Dynamic Links’:


Click on ‘Get Started



Create a custom Dynamic Link Domain and click Continue:



After the link is ready, click 'Finish':



Create a New Dynamic Link:



  1. Add a suffix ‘home’ (as of today we support only with open the home page). This is the link sent to the member:



  1. Add a link to members without an installed app, use the onelink.
    Give a name to the link.


  1. Check the second option and choose the relevant link for iOS devices:


  1. Check the second option and choose the relevant link for Android devices:



Click ‘Create’ and copy the URL:




Publish a Deep Linking in your menu app that will open directly your loyalty app!


 mceclip0.png    ----------------------->   mceclip1.png

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