Release Guide - February 2019

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For a brief overview of all the new releases in this version, view the Release Notes

Highlights - Generally Available

    • Share Points or Credit With Friends

      Boost registration, customer loyalty and sales by allowing members to share credit (or points) with their friends. Members can share from their accumulated balance, or even buy credit through the app or POS. After they share credit with a friend from their phone via SMS, Facebook, email, WhatsApp, etc., the friend can claim it after logging in to the business app (or by downloading the app first). Note: This feature is available only for the new gen app. Learn More

    • Campaign Center: Create Promotions for Any Customer With Promo Codes

      Create promo codes that can be used by any customer (both members and non-members). For example, feature the promo code on your business website, post it on your social media pages, send it to your mailing lists, or even convert it to a QR code to showcase throughout your business. Learn More

    • Campaign Center: Create Emails with the New Editor

      Easily create emails for campaigns using the new user-friendly, drag-and-drop design. For example, send monthly newsletters, promote new items to relevant customers or send your holiday offers. Learn More

    • Campaign Center: One-Time: Filter by Communication Criteria

      Select members for one-time activities according to whether or not they received communications via email or push. For example, send an SMS to members who didn’t successfully receive the latest promotional email. Learn More

    • Campaign Center: Create Custom Punch Cards

      Create punch cards that reward members with a custom discount—such as 50% off specific items, or a coupon for $20 off their purchase. In addition, create cases to give different rewards for different locations or POS’s. Learn More

    • Campaign Center: View Punch Card Analysis

      View KPIs for the punch cards you create to measure the success of your rewards—including how many cards were sent, redeemed, or fully punched. Learn More

    • Enhancements to New Registration Form

      In the previous release, the new registration form was enhanced with a new modern and slick design (which will be released gradually to all businesses). Here are some additional enhancements: after they autoregister at the POS, members can add additional details via link they receive, registration form can be fully supported as an iFrame in external website, and registration form supports additional accessibility requirements. 

    • Consent to Program Terms via Registration API

      Data privacy regulations require all members to explicitly view and consent to program terms. Members automatically consent when they register through the app or registration iFrame. Now there is also an option to allow members to consent when they register through an external platform via the registration API.



A new generation of Como apps is available to selected businesses as a pilot—offering newly designed screens and flows to provide a better user experience. Additional features and capabilities are now supported for the new generation app.

  • New Gen App: Add Claim Buttons

    The new gen app now supports the claim button, which can be added to an app screen to trigger a rule when the member taps it. For example, present catalog of coupons that members can claim by tapping the claim button, which triggers a rule to send them the coupon as a gift.

  • New Gen App: Allow Users to Rate the App

    The new gen app now supports the Rate the App button, which allows app users to rate the app in the app stores.

  • New Gen App: Show Multiple Wallets in Profile

    For businesses that use multiple wallets (i.e., both points and credit), they can choose to display both in the profile widget.

  • New Gen App: Accessibility & Design Improvements

    Further improvements were made to the new gen app to support accessibility. In addition, color opacity was removed from certain colors in the color scheme to provide optimal design.

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