Share Points or Credit With Friends

Boost registration, customer loyalty and sales by allowing members to share credit (or points) with their friends.

Note: This feature is only available for the new gen app.

Article Topics:

How It Works
App Setup
Rule Setup & Settings


How It Works

STEP 1: Add Balance

The member accumulates credit for their purchases, or buys it through their app or POS.



STEP 2: Share Credit

The member taps a share button from a dedicated app screen, and then selects which platform to use (such as email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and which friend to share with.

Note: The message text is autofilled but the member can edit it. The default text can also be changed by the business. If the member shares with multiple friends, the first to claim it will get it.



STEP 3: Claim Credit

The friend opens a link from the message to a landing page, which allows the friend to download the app if they don’t already have it and claim the credit from the app.



App Setup 


STEP 1: Share Screen

Add the share screen to your app by creating a layout block or by creating a catalog with button action Share Points or Credit. For the share amount, select fixed to specify the amount, or custom to allow the member to decide.

Note: If members buy credit at the POS, they can also open this screen from the message they get. If members buy credit in their app, they can also open it from the purchase confirmation screen.


STEP 3: Custom Texts (Optional)

From Settings > Override App Text, you can customize any text that appears on:

  • app share screen
  • autofilled share message
  • claim landing page

Rule Setup & Settings

STEP 1: Share Wallet

If the business only has one wallet (i.e., points OR credit), then this will be the wallet used for sharing. If the business has multiple wallets (i.e., both points and credit), then they can specify whether points or credit is shared from Operation > Settings > Point/Credit Settings.



STEP 2: Share After POS Purchase

If you allow members to buy credit at the POS, create a rule to send members a message after their purchase which allows the member to open the share screen:

  • Trigger: Makes a purchase
  • Condition: Shopping cart contains at least 1 of the credit item code
  • Action: Send Push Notification or Open In-App Message with Share Points or Credit button



STEP 3: Confirmation Messages (Optional)

Create rules to send push or in-app messages to the sender when they share credit. To allow them to share again with this friend, you can add a button action that opens the Share Points or Credit screen.

You can also create rules to send push, in-app messages, SMS or email to the sender when their friend claims the credit they shared with them, or to the friend when they claim their credit.

share_trigger.png   claim_triggers.png


You can add dynamic texts to these messages to include the share amount, link, recipient name, sender name or wallet (points or credit).




From the sender’s profile in the Hub, view logs for when they share credit and when their friend claims it. From the friend’s profile in the Hub, view logs when they claim the credit. These logs include the amount, wallet and recipient name when relevant.

Note: The share log appears when the member taps the Share button on the share screen, even if they don’t continue to share with their friends.


  • This feature is only available for the new gen app, and resubmission is required.
  • Only members can buy credit and they need the app to share it.
  • The friend must be a member and app user to claim their credit.
  • Allowing members to buy credit from the app requires an add-on payment service.
  • Allowing members to buy credit from the POS requires the Payment/PayWithBudget API call.

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