Termination Process- Payment Violation


  1. On the 15th of each month, all charges will be made (Credit Cards, ACH, DDI, and הו"ק.)
    •  Como Account Failed Payment Notification/Alert-  email will be sent from Finance to the failed accounts with a copy to the Salesperson and Country Manager
    • IL- Shiri + Lilaj
    • UK- Ruben + Amit + Lilaj
    • US Sales + Shelly
  2. On the 20th- Finance will send an internal email with all accounts who still haven’t paid (this email should be sent to all Sales + Country managers of Como)- Shosh/Ravit I will send you the list.
  3. From the 20th till the 30th – Sales should contact their accounts and make sure they cover their debt.
  4. On the 30th Sales should send an email to the business:
    1. Suspension of the account:
      • Letting the Business know we are blocking Hub users.
      • and specifying next steps (#5 + #6).

            2. Request to R&D (email to Ofir Shapira Ofir.Shapira@como.com) to delete Hub users                                          (please add loc id, and users to delete)

5. On the 10th of next month, if the business didn’t supplied payment yet- Deactivate all automations.

  • Sales should send an email to Como Support with loc id to deactivate all automations.

6. Following 20 days (1.5 months after first notice)- Shutdown process (API KEY block, removal from app stores)- Done by Sales.1.png

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