Release Guide- June 2019


June Version Release Highlights

Last week, June 24th, a new version was released.  The version highlights:

  • GDPR: Como’s legal terminology will be changed soon from being the business’ data controller to a data processor. From the product perspective, it means that all customer-facing legal links will be owned by the businesses which will state they control the data and Como is the data processor.
  • Hub 2.0:
    • New Member Profile screen is available now, allowing you to perform multiple actions on a single member and to review all their membership information on one screen.
    • A/B Testing - you can split one-time actions into two populations and measure each group's performance in order to decide which campaign will work better for the entire loyalty program.
  • New Mobile Payment solution will replace Zooz integration, which will allow easy integration with any required payment processor
  • Pilot – Dynamic Report: the new tool is available at this stage only for Como employees. The tool enables fast analytics, generating dynamic reports (benefits, sales and points), and segment members.
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